Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should I format my application images?
A: Your images should be JPGs, RGB, and no larger than 2,000px on the longest side. The images should be named using our “LastName_FirstName_01.jpg” format, where the numbers (01, 02, 03, etc…) correspond directly to your image script.
Q: I am currently a student, can I apply?
A: Our residencies are limited to artists who are not currently enrolled in an academic program.
Q: I am not based in Cape Town, can I apply?
A: Yes. We host international artists, as well as artists from other South African cities.
Q: Can I submit more than one project proposal?
A: No. Only one application per person, per residency period.
Q: What if I don’t know how to perform a process that I’d like to use in my work?
A: We’re generally able to teach you whatever you need to know. We do, however, expect you to have basic knowledge of photography.
Q: Can I break the residency up and do it in parts?
A: Preference is given to artists who are willing to work full-time over one residency period.
Q: Do I need a car?
A: That’s up to you and the needs that your project will require. Public Transport in Cape Town isn’t always reliable and therefore a car is often preferable. Taxis and Uber are alternative options.
Q: What is the cost of the residency?
A: There is no fee involved in the residency. Amplify Studio does not provide transport, accommodation or meals.
Q: Is it a live-in residency?
A: No. Residents will be able to work in the studio during working hours, but are required to secure their own accommodation.
Q: Is there an age limit to apply?
A: Applicants must be 18 years or older to be eligible for the residency.
Q: Must all submission documents be in English?
A: Yes. While Amplify Studio is a global community that supports the use of many languages, we require that applications are submitted in the international language of English.
Q: What should I include in my project proposal?
A: A project proposal outlines the project that you hope to complete while at the residency. It should include what you hope to accomplish during the residency and should express your goals, ideas and steps you will take in achieving these goals during the residency.
Q: Can the project I propose be the completion of a project that is currently underway?
A: Absolutely. This might be preferable, depending on the project.