ImageQuest Judges

ImageQuest Judges Patrick de Mervelec, Roy Zetisky and Ian Landsberg

Patrick de Mervelec was born in Paris in 1945. He worked in France until 1998 and has since been based in South Africa. In the early years Patrick studied photography at the Institut National de la Photographie in Paris before becoming assistant photographer to Maurice Tabard - one of the great masters of the surrealist movement and a peer of Man Ray’s - who became his mentor. Tabard’s still life and innovative solarisation techniques still influence Patrick to this day. Thanks also to Tabard, Patrick developed an incisive eye and learnt to capture images at speed. This gave him a knack for street photography and reportage and he became a photo reporter at Paris Match, covering the frenzied events of the sixties, doing features on the Beatles, Deneuve, Piaf or Churchill. Parallel to this he was fashion photographer for a number of publications including Marie-Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and l’Officiel. Patrick was a member of the Paris based Fondation Leica from 1981 to 1991. This group included Salgado, Klein, Roversi, Doisneau, Sieff and Depardon. Over the years Patrick has gained much experience in advertising photography and particularly enjoyed working on the presidential election campaigns for political leaders such as François Mitterrand (“La Force Tranquille”), Emil Constantinescu, Mesut Yilmaz or Nelson Mandela/Thabo Mbeki.


Roy Zetisky has been filming and directing TV commercials since 1990 and was a prolific people, fashion, social documentary and art photographer for ten years prior to that. Zetisky studied at the Brooks Institute of Film in Santa Barbara, California in the early eighties and has subsequently filmed and directed numerous commercials, short films, music videos, TV series and feature films. He has also photographically illustrated books, magazine covers and fashion spreads. He has had several photographic exhibitions and has won a variety of awards for his work, including a Best Cinematography Mnet Vuka Award. In 2012, he was appointed as Head of Film at AFDA Film School in Cape Town. Due to the impact this position had on his creative time for filming and photography, he has since resigned from this full time position and now holds a more part time role as Head of the Post Grad Directing department Zetisky currently supports and promotes photographic art from local photographers, via Exposure Gallery, which he owns with his wife Linda at the world famous Old Biscuit Mill.


Ian Landsberg is Independent Media’s Photo Editor of two of South Africa’s oldest newspapers, Cape Argus and Cape Times, since 2007. Managing and mentoring a team of 20 award-winning photographers. A veteran of news, event and sports photography. He is frequently lecturing photojournalism at various tertiary institutions and regularly adjudicates competitions at a number of photographic clubs and societies.